Hi Mama!

My name is Carissa, I'm The Pregnancy Life Coach

I'm a mom.

The instant I became pregnant I became a mom. Now I have 5 kids, 4 very different pregnancies, births, and quite a bit of experience in the belly department. I have kept my sanity and stamina over the years thanks to coaching. After all, 
Mom brain is real!
Naps, girls nights out and me time are not enough for my mental health. PERIOD. (..a topic for another time)
It's hard to enjoy the beautiful and sacred side of pregnancy when the messy and exhausting side is so overwhelming, and filled with countless sacrifices. 
Pregnancy has different demands that are relentless and often intense.
I would not be enjoying motherhood as deeply as I am without coaching, even with all it’s ups and downs.  My children, family, and marriage are better for it too.
So I’m here to share,
come join me in Bellies. 


You can enjoy your pregnancy.


I go beyond why you’re stuck

actually do something about it. 

Critical self-talk, endless comparing, and impossible expectations are depleting.            

Bundle it with unsolicited advice, swollen ankles, and birth plans...How exhausting! 


I solve tough issues with results that stick because I get to the root of the problem.


I take you beyond self care rituals and affirmations that calm the surface of deeper issues.



Hey There,
If you'd like to learn more about how to enjoy pregnancy let's chat.
I'm Carissa The Pregnancy Life Coach.

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