It's Your Journey

What's stopping you from enjoying your pregnancy?

If you're like most pregnant mamas it's stress.


For me the stressors were... 

Morning sickness, birth complications, twin pregnancy, changing providers, divorce, past estimated due date, no kitchen, toddlers in toe, marriage...

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It's Not Your Fault

Why did you look forward to being pregnant? 
What were your hopes and dreams?

At what point did you
lower your expectations?


It's not your fault that pregnancy is hard. 
Society makes pregnancy hard, because society doesn't give self care options for ...

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It's Your Time

Doubts about childbirth pop up
Details, plans, options need to be sorted before the due date.


Before your due date
a deadline…

But not a regular deadline.
You only sort of know when baby will come.


Oh and there are a lot of exceptions. That...

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It's Your Value

Can self care actually make pregnancy enjoyable? ONLY self care that goes beyond bathroom products and alone time can make pregnancy enjoyable.

Why does it matter?
Because women matter.


Self care is like a diamond.

The more facets in the diamond the more the diamond sparkles.



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It's Your Pregnancy

Self care can't be added to a checkout cart, so society isn’t giving it out.


Hold up!



Bath bomb, oils, lotions, facials, yes those can go in a checkout cart.
That’s one type of self care that's for your body.


A superficial 

skin deep type of self care


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