It's Your Journey

What's stopping you from enjoying your pregnancy?

If you're like most pregnant mamas it's stress.


For me the stressors were... 

Morning sickness, birth complications, twin pregnancy, changing providers, divorce, past estimated due date, no kitchen, toddlers in toe, marriage fights, being a motherless mom, home renovations, unplanned cesarean, changing from OB to Midwife and Midwife to OB, bad boundaries, family drama… Yikes! 


Thank you self care, you let me enjoy pregnancy even with all these stressors.



I still had the stressors, but

The stress didn't steal the joy from my pregnancy. 


After my second baby was born, I found myself pushing my toddler up hill in her stroller while I was wearing baby in my petunia pickle bottom tulip print ergo. Organic cotton carrier, jogger stroller, and headphones plugged into my phone.Yup, it was 2016 and that’s the way headphones hooked up. Listening to podcasts and walking to the nature preserve was a quick way for me to get the day started with sunshine and happiness. I was wearing my baby and pushing the stroller uphill and then I heard about Life Coaching. I parked that stroller mid hill, used my mama hips to stop the stroller from rolling downhill, and scrolled back to hear it again. Life Coaching. 

My self help junkie heart was lit up. 

My whirlwind romance with life coaching started back on that day and has turned into a deep love over the years. That day trekking uphill to a nature preserve started out as an average day that changed my life forever. I found a way to share self care tools. The happiness I’ve had despite the intense and painful hardships is because of everything I've studied and applied from the self help books, teachers, scriptures, articles, seminars, and classes. As a life coach I get to give these skill to my clients. For the first while I used to just answer peoples' questions, and help here and there because so many moms were asking me how to do all the things they saw me getting to enjoy like nursing, loosing the baby weight baby wearing, having happy polite kids while I was battling morning sickness, or how I was able to go 39weeks with a twin pregnancy. With so many mamas asking for helpI got organized, so I could help as many mamas as possible. 


Pregnant, postpartum, and preparing for next baby are the type of mamas I coach. 
The Pregnancy Life Coach, that's me.

You can call me Carissa, that's what my clients call me.
Mom, mommy, mama are what my 5 kids call me. 


Self care skills, stress relieving tools, and confidence hacks are what you can get with me by your side.



Enjoying pregnancy isn't a luxury only some unicorn mamas get.  


3am and no sleep is coming…and enjoying your pregnancy right now matters.


If you choose, you can have the type of pregnancy where you get self care skills and confidence with special pregnancy memories to cherish for a lifetime,


only if you choose. 


Self care must start during pregnancy. How you take care of your self during pregnancy is how you take care during postpartum. Nothing changes until you make changes. You get to decide what you want for yourself. The wide open spaces of hope and optimism are waiting for you. Each pregnancy births a new baby and a new mom.


What will you let your pregnancy give you? 

Deeper Love in your relationships
New Friendships
More depth to your identity


What will you choose? 




You can enjoy your pregnancy.

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