It's Your Time

Doubts about childbirth pop up
Details, plans, options need to be sorted before the due date.


Before your due date
a deadline…

But not a regular deadline.
You only sort of know when baby will come.


Oh and there are a lot of exceptions. That happen all of the time. That's why this deadline is called a Due Date. Because it's a different kind of deadline. A deadline with a lot of pressure for moms.


Even moms who schedule their c-sections don’t know for sure when baby will be born until baby is born. Stories about baby coming the night before the schedule cesarean are common for a reason.


As the due date creeps closer fears about postpartum and mom life get bigger and bigger.
Like your belly gets bigger and bigger.



Pregnancy gets more demanding as time goes on. It’s true.


First time mom, or mom to 6 for the first time, it doesn't matter. 
The time for life to change is coming.


If you’re anything like me you might struggle with perfectionism.
Where unrealistic expectations go unchecked, even though I don’t do that to other people.
Well for the most part, it's true I can be judgmental. Especially if I'm distracted by all the stress. I’m still learning how to perfectly let go of being critical or having anxiety over potential worst case scenarios. Judging my perfectionism, Snacking on Oreos and dishing into Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food after the kids are in bed happens when my day has gone wild with being overly critical of myself and others. But when I have self care on the regular I don't lean on junk food for relaxation and comfort.


Baths and scented candles are not enough.

I'll just stew in the tub if I haven't had the right kind of self care. 


There's no time to waste on things that don't actually make a real difference.


Moms are so busy
Moms are so needed

Society doesn't make it easy.

Little to no support is given to women, let alone pregnant women in society today.


That needs to change. 

& it is changing.

You're reading this blog after all. 

Society will never change until moms, one- by- one, demand a world where pregnant women are supported emotionally.


Moms are the civilizers of society, we matter, and our impact is powerful. 


A mom is born at the beginning of pregnancy.

A baby is born at the end of pregnancy. 

There’s the initial shock of a new baby, the big adjustments that happen during the first trimester. 
Like what we say about being pregnant or what other people say about us being pregnant. Every relationship changes when a new person enters the dynamic. Marriages change, friendships change, and even workplace relationships change. For every new baby or two that gets added into the mix stress gets thicker.


Having self care that calms stressful emotions, relaxes your mind, gives you unshakable confidence, & energy is the key. Facials and bath bombs are not enough.


Yes it’s true pregnancy gets more demanding as time goes on, but  


time can be on your side

if you choose self care 


You can enjoy your pregnancy.

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