It's Your Value

Can self care actually make pregnancy enjoyable? ONLY self care that goes beyond bathroom products and alone time can make pregnancy enjoyable.

Why does it matter?
Because women matter.


Self care is like a diamond.

The more facets in the diamond the more the diamond sparkles.


In society today 
Women are valued for what they can do for others.


Even robotic crib companies say they replace grandmothers because they do the same task, rock a baby. 

Yup I fell for that one.  

I was pregnant with twins and in shock and overwhelm and I let myself forget all of this. I turned into a prepper mama, convinced all the stuff would help. So I rented two robotic bassinets. Yes two because I was having twins, and the nice man on the YouTube video said it was like having grandma hold my baby for me. I was sold. I was willing to believe his promise because it sounded so good. It wasn't until two weeks postpartum that I remembered 'things' don't solve all the problems. Yes, the babies were sleeping a tid bit longer but that did not give me the self care support I needed. So I admitted to myself that I fell for this lie. Then I gave myself some compassion, and used the self care tools I teach other pregnant and postpartum moms. They work for a reason, but only when they are used. I won't be scared into thinking otherwise ever again. One of the perks of having made mistakes is wisdom. 


A grandmother does more than rock a baby. 


A pregnant woman does more than birth a baby.


Being a mom is work, it is not entertainment. Its the most worth while work but it is still work. And no one can replace a mom. What a mom does for other is for children, her children or others children is irreplaceable. If you’re not balancing out time with your baby registry with time with your self care your missing out.


Society doesn’t tell you this, because there’s nothing in it for them when you spend time

putting kind thoughts in your head,
keeping rock solid boundaries 
rejecting self judgment when you reach out for help,
having confidence in parenting decisions
or practicing self kindness when all you've done in one day is take care of you and baby.


If you can’t add it to your cart, society isn’t going to help you.

Just look around. It’s everywhere.

Insurance can’t bill and code respecting a woman.
The news doesn't report on enjoyable pregnancies.


Living on society’s terms hurts women.

Trusting a woman. 

Respecting a woman.

Honoring a woman.


Even though pregnant women deserve these things.

they can’t be added to a checkout cart.




You can enjoy your pregnancy.

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