It's Your Pregnancy

Self care can't be added to a checkout cart, so society isn’t giving it out.


Hold up!



Bath bomb, oils, lotions, facials, yes those can go in a checkout cart.
That’s one type of self care that's for your body.


A superficial 

skin deep type of self care

Pregnant woman need more than that.


The truth is that self care that pregnant women need is layered and textured. No two pregnancies are the same, just like no two women are the same. It’s easier to have an herbal bath, and check off the self care box, after all, 


Society doesn’t say


Hey girl, how’s your emotional self care? 

Tell me about how your confidence is doing now that your skin is scarred and swollen?

Do you need some self care skills to help you love yourself unconditionally?

Not sleeping well, here’s some tools to help your mind unwind.




Don’t be surprised. You can’t add unconditional love to your checkout cart. My grandma had a spice shaker on her oven. It was red and white. Labeled ‘love’, how cute. Cute, the words on the label were sweet, kind and make-believe. Make-believe because you can’t buy love. Society can’t sell you something that only you can give yourself. You give your unconditional love when you’re in a relationship. In a relationship with yourself, your baby, your spouse, your family, or God that’s where you get to experience love, and as you practice self care you get to experience unconditional love.


Let go of perfectionism.

Let go of criticism.

Stop over eating, over drinking, over Netflix-ing to feel better.

Stop trying to control other people to get what you need.


Even if they’re a 3 year old throwing a fit in target type of person, and you’re trying to control them because you want them to stop. Low self esteem, perfectionism, control, judgmental criticalness weren’t learned overnight and they won’t go away overnight either. You don’t birth a baby and become patient, understanding, and confident right after the umbilical cord stops pulsating. Society doesn’t teach this type of self care. It can’t be boxed and ship it to you on amazon prime and insurance can't bill you for it. Society isn’t interested in what a woman, let alone, what a mama does in her own home. Society is unfair to moms. Sadly many mamas don't get to enjoy their pregnancies just because they don’t have the self care tools that I teach. 


Pregnant women are more than walking uteruses. 


Society says. Pregnant? Ok. Grow a healthy baby that contribute to the economy. We’ll support your physical needs so you get the job done. Oh and not burden society with your needs. Women are the civilizers of the world. Because what mamas give to civilization happens behind closed doors, Mamas need even more support. They need more advocates encouraging them and offering actual help. After hearing so many mamas share their personal struggles, I've decided I can't sit by and not share what I know. If I wait for society to respect the pregnant, birthing, and lactating mamas I will always be waiting. 


We will all be left waiting.


Society has nothing to loose. They’ve created a whole industry around pregnancy. By the time my daughters are pregnant, I expect society to be different for them. In the best ways possible. All pregnant women need to belong in a society that respects them and safely guards their pregnancies and births. These changes aren’t going to happen easily. It’s not like dropping a bath bomb in warm water, intent fizzing.


Women can enjoy their pregnancies & what a women feels matters, simply because they matter. I’m not waiting for society to respect women's self care needs. I









These are the self care needs.



The Pregnancy Life Coach


That’s me. 



 Self Care 


That’s what I teach



You can enjoy your pregnancy.

Show Me How

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